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You are not alone in this…

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So I have to be honest and admit that this post is totally brought to you by an experience I had the other night at the Mumford & Sons concert. It was during their encore, with one guitar and one microphone, the guys huddled around singing.

You are not alone in this
You are not alone in this
As brothers (sisters!) we will stand
And we’ll hold your hand

I looked around the packed stadium and tears came to my eyes. Everyone was silent as we listened to one story being sung. I couldn’t help but relate it to my own life. As much as I sometimes feel like I’m walking this road alone, I know I’m not. So many warriors have walked this road before me and have paved the way with hope and fight and will. I’ve silently watched their stories unfold, I’ve listened to their pain, I’ve seen their victories.

Like my mother, who had to give birth to a stillborn baby boy. And the next year lost a baby girl at 7 days old, once again leaving the hospital with empty arms. She finally went on a few years later to bring me home, healthy and hearty.

Or my dear friend, who devastatingly lost her twins at 27 weeks. But now, years later, after much fight and rough pregnancies, she gets to hold her two rainbow babies.

Or another friend who couldn’t get pregnant on her own and now struggles with the trials and tribulations of fostering a sweet boy in hopes to adopt him as her forever child. Not knowing what lies ahead for her but trusting the process.

I have countless more examples of what it’s like to struggle to become a mama but my point here is this – you are not alone. Others have walked in these shoes. Others know the pain, the worry, the prayer, the agony and the triumph of it all. Others have worked so hard and succeeded, giving the rest of us hope for our own future families. Let’s talk about it. Let’s lean on them. Let’s lean on each other. Ever since starting this blog, so many people have come forward to share their story with me. Although the situations I’ve heard are unfortunate and I wouldn’t wish these hardships on anyone, it’s so hopeful that we have each other. Let’s tell our stories and listen to those of others. You are not alone in this.

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  • megan - I love this! Isn’t it crazy how sometimes we feel like we are so alone in a situation only to learn that we are one of hundreds of people going through the same exact thing?!ReplyCancel

  • Meg - Of course Mumford said it perfectly- don’t they always? You WILL be a success story. xoxoxoxReplyCancel

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